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Addressing custody in preparation for an Ohio dissolution

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2023 | Dissolution

Couples that recognize that ending their marriage is the best choice do not always want to go through a litigated divorce process. Thankfully, Ohio offers dissolution as a viable alternative to a traditional “courtroom divorce.”

Provided that couples are able to agree on all of the major elements of separating their lives, they can pursue an uncontested dissolution process instead of a litigated divorce. Of course, to pursue dissolution, couples have to have an agreement in place about the biggest issues for their family, including property division and child custody, if they are responsible for the care of minor or otherwise dependent children. Parents generally need to address the following matters regarding custody to move forward with a dissolution in Ohio.

The division of parenting time

When people talk about custody in Ohio, what they mean is actually the division of parenting time or physical custody. Deciding the general percentage of time that the children will spend with each parent is important. Parents can also help limit future conflict by discussing matters like how they will share holidays and celebrate birthdays. Those who take the time to plan for challenges, like school vacations, will have an easier time adjusting to their new family arrangements and will be less likely to end up embroiled in conflict later.

The allocation of parental responsibility

Parents have to make numerous important decisions on behalf of their children. They decide where to live and what schools the children will attend, as well as what medical treatment they receive and what religion they observe. Parents will need to reach an agreement regarding how they will share that decision-making authority or legal custody. They may also want to have a plan discussing certain standards for the children, from the religion that they will observe to the disciplinary expectations that will remain consistent across both households.

It can be a challenge for parents to reach amicable solutions regarding custody matters, but doing so is necessary if those with minor children want to pursue a dissolution rather than a divorce. Thankfully, when things get challenging, seeking legal guidance is always an option.