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Identifying A Path Forward As You End Your Marriage

If you believe that no two marriages are the same, it makes sense to believe there is not one right way to end all marriages. Each couple’s needs, concerns and goals affect how quickly or slowly marriages are unwound and how relationships are affected.

When you choose to terminate your marriage, it is critical that you pursue the course of action that is right for you, not one that is right for most. At Baker & Wick, LLC, we understand that your family law situation is different from other Columbus residents. We will work closely with you to identify a path that puts you in a position to succeed when you move to your next stage in life.

Understanding Your Divorce Options

In the past, estranged couples were more limited in the options available for breaking up their family. In Ohio today, couples can use any of these approaches to end their marriage:

  • Divorce, which legally ends the marriage, usually with court involvement.
  • Dissolution, which allows couples to end their marriage without prolonged legal proceedings.
  • Separation, which puts a marriage on pause. In a separation, spouses must agree to terms for custody, financial orders of support.
  • Annulment, which declares that the marriage never existed. In order to have a marriage annulled, the couple must meet one of Ohio’s annulment qualifications.

Our attorneys are qualified to represent you in these matters. Whether you choose to separate, divorce or embark on another route, we have the know-how to navigate the legal procedures that will achieve your goal.

Attorney Kelly Wick has helped countless clients pursue dissolution while attorney Amanda Baker represents clients in contested matters and litigation. Together, they will leverage nearly 35 years of shared legal insight to handle your case expeditiously.

Ending a marriage can be an overwhelming, stressful task. You shouldn’t have to face this matter alone. Turn to Baker & Wick, LLC, for the knowledgeable, compassionate advocacy you deserve.

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