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A dissolution and a divorce are both ways to end a marriage in Ohio, but the processes of doing so differ. Whether your relationship with your estranged spouse is amicable or bitter, our attorneys at Baker & Wick, LLC, can help you determine which approach better suits your circumstances.

When you hire us, we will use our decades of combined family law experience to protect your interests as we guide you through the legal process. You will not need to face this legal journey alone when you partner with our team.

What You Need To Know About Dissolution

A dissolution is often a more amicable way of terminating a marriage as opposed to a divorce. When couples agree on the terms of their dissolution, pursuing this course of action is an easier and typically faster process than filing for a divorce. If you and your estranged spouse are able to find common ground on issues related to property division, child custody and support, this approach can minimize cost and stress.

Spouses begin the process by filing the petition for dissolution and related agreements and pleadings. Once filed, a court date will be set between 30 and 90 days from the date of filing. At the final hearing, the spouses will relay to the court that they have already agreed upon the details of their marriage dissolution. The court will then sign off on the pleadings and issue a decree of dissolution, terminating the parties’ marriage that day.

Divorce Basics

A divorce also terminates a couple’s marriage, but this approach requires court intervention to sever the marriage bond. Because parties are not in agreement with all terms when a divorce is filed, a divorce typically takes longer to resolve than a dissolution. Involving the court can be a costly and time-consuming experience. In addition, involving the court in the final decision takes control out of the hands of those who will be affected by the court’s ruling.

If you and your estranged spouse do not see eye to eye on important matters, however, you may need to rely on the court to intervene. Our attorneys are well-versed in this process, which allows us to find the most efficient strategy for resolving divorce disputes. We are equipped to assist you with all aspects of your divorce proceedings, whether the tasks involve preparing for the formal discovery process to presenting your case in court or another critical component in the process.

As your advocate, we will seek out the most efficient strategy for this issue and other family law concerns. You can depend on us to keep your emotional well-being and financial welfare in mind when we advise you of your legal options.

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