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The legal end of a marriage doesn’t have to be a struggle

On Behalf of | Jul 21, 2023 | Dissolution

People sometimes assume that the end of a marriage inevitably results in a high-conflict divorce. They assume that all couples who are splitting up spend their time in court fighting over assets and/or time with their children. The legal side of divorce seems like a very stressful and complicated process, as a result.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. For one thing, divorce doesn’t always happen for a reason that causes conflict. Yes, there are many divorce cases rooted in challenges like infidelity or abuse, but couples also divorce for a host of other reasons that aren’t inherently rooted in betrayal, including:

  • Getting married before they felt they were ready for it
  • Getting married at a young age
  • Slowly drifting apart over time
  • Having unrealistic expectations that were not met
  • Experiencing a difference in a couple’s level of physical attraction

In short, the end of the marriage may be a relatively agreeable solution to a couple’s challenges more so than it may be contentious. Both people may realize that their relationship just isn’t what they were hoping for, and they can work together to end it so that they can both move on. Divorce proceedings don’t have to be a fight wherein the parties are trying to “win” because both spouses may be trying to accomplish the same goals. In many divorces, spouses are not blaming each other and no one is at fault.

Making divorce go more smoothly

Sometimes, parents of minor children decide to work together to put their children first. This can lower the amount of conflict involved in their divorce because they don’t feel like they are opposing one another. Instead, they work as a team to find the best solution for their children.

It’s also important to remember that there’s a business side to divorce. Money has to be divided. Real estate has to be addressed. Legal decisions have to be made. If possible, it can help to put emotions aside and simply focus on accomplishing these necessary legal tasks. Again, when both people are working toward the same goal, this effort generally leads to far less conflict.

Contested divorce litigation is not the only way forward. If your marriage is at an end and you want to benefit from a low-conflict approach to your situation, seek legal guidance concerning dissolution and uncontested approaches to the process to learn more.